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Today there is a great deal of proliferation of the words “passion” and “transformation” in the world.

This led to my curiosity to research the truth about the meaning of the words.

Passion stems from the Latin word “pati”, meaning “to suffer.” The stem “pass” comes from the word “passive” meaning “capable of suffering.”

Based upon this understanding of the word, it implies a willingness to endure intense pain and further, that it is an inherent ability.

The word “transformation” essentially means “to change from the former to the new”. As we all know, change is painful.

When these two words are combined, the implication is not very attractive. Most of us avoid pain. It is a human instinct. We are beings drawn to pleasure. Consequently, change also is not typically viewed a pleasurable endeavor.

Yet the reality of many is that they live in pain daily. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, the distinction is minuet. Because when one is in the midst of it, it hurts just the same.

I know. I lived for many years in the darkness and pain of invisible scars left by the experience of repeated sexual trauma and loss. But what I came to learn was that our greatest sources of pain are indicators of our divine purpose.

Let me explain.

The greatest life lessons learned have all come from failures, falls, disappointments, loss…I wish it were different, but that is the truth. And more importantly, the wisdom gained was that these seemingly negative experiences were actually opportunities given in grace to refine internal gifts that were preordained in each of us, before we were born.

When you examine historical influencers in the world, as I have, you inevitably learn of backstories of endurance of hardship, struggle, and pain. However the difference between these and those who remain stagnant, stuck, or sidetracked by their pain, is their purposeful resolve.

“No change can occur without progress and no progress will happen without change.”

When you are clear about your divine purpose, then despite fear, obstacles, and seemingly impossible odds, you will prevail; but it will require purposeful resolve. Do the work, and find your unique divine purpose. It is right within your experience.

Today, in addition to my work, I am an activist for eradication of sexual exploitation of any kind, including Human Sex Trafficking.

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