We are social beings who seek and need connections with others. But…

Have you ever been around a person who completely drained your energy, and you couldn’t figure out why?

Each of us has a life force, an internal reserve that requires replenishing daily. I regain all that I need to equip myself daily from my soul work with my Creator. Each morning, I pray for the renewing of the Holy Spirit in my life. It is essential to my wellbeing, as I am around and work with people of all walks of life, all day long.

During my ‘me’ time, however, I am particularly discerning of who I spend time with. Not because I am so special or have so many people in my life that it is a chore, but rather, because I learned a very valuable lesson many years ago from wiser folks than myself.

There will be people in your life who lift you up, and then there will be those who want to pull you down to where they find themselves. Both types of people come similarly dressed to a social gathering, but be attuned to your energy level when you spend time with each. If, after an interaction, you are invigorated, full of energy, inspired even, that is the person you want to invest in. However, if you experience the opposite, run because negativity is contagious.

There is an old saying in Spanish that loosely translates to, “Tell me who he walks with, and I’ll tell you who he is.”

Associations matter.

When we translate this nugget of knowledge into the business realm, the interpretation is, be selective in who you decide to work with. Sometimes turning away potential business is the best decision you can make because the wrong choice can be devastating.

To make these types of decisions, discernment is essential. Seek out relationships that promote, respect, and honor same mindedness.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27)

Do not be afraid or too proud to ask for help if you find yourself making the wrong choices repeatedly. Having a trustworthy mentor in these situations can be valuable. Collaboration with someone who has your best interest at heart, and the experience and insight to assist you in fine tuning your skill of discernment, is priceless.

If you look around you and do not find associations that give you energy, or if you have a pattern of falling into associations with those who do not have your best interests at heart, there is something you can do about it. In fact, I have developed a free mini-course with this concept of “iron sharpening iron” in mind. Across a series of videos and self-assessments delivered to your inbox, we work through the 3R Process (RESET, REALIGN, and RECONCILE) to help you begin to recognize those patterns, realign yourself to better patterns, and find your true self under the trauma. Join me, and I will be honored to be your virtual mentor through this series.