Money Basics

Research has now found that it can take up to 67 days to change a habit.

For this reason over the next 70 days we are going to work through some of the most important Money Basic that will promote your sense of stability, security and that will supercharge and position you, her relationships and your career and/or business for success in 2017.

Before we jump in, let me clarify I have never been a person motivated by greed of money. However, if you have done any work on money matters, then you already know that money is not really it, but rather what money represents for you, that is important.

For some money represents power, prestige, freedom, success. For me, it means resources for generosity, comfort, and validation through creation of goods and services to impact the world.

Your mindset about money has tremendous influence over your ability to create it and to manage it effectively. Also, if you remain in a scarcity mentality then that is exactly what you will create. The latter happens when money has an emotional charge.

I know that you are READY to create the life of abundance that you desire.

So let’s begin by hitting the RESET button.

What do I mean by that? Simple it’s the last month of 2016 and the time to implement strategic planning for the first quarter of 2017. Some might think this is the procrastinator’s approach. I disagree. December, by far is the highest consumer spending month of the entire year. Therefore what better time to review the A, B, C’s of financial budgeting 101.

Budgeting is a taboo word for some, but for those of us, who understand the principle that ‘if your house is not in order, then you are not positioned to be generous,’ it is essential. Generosity is a gift, and one that bares tremendous fruit when it is expressed authentically.

Budgeting does not have to be complex though. It simply requires that you take inventory of your fixed, fixed-discretionary and discretionary monthly expenses. Here is a copy of simple budge form that you can use for this purpose. It is totally customizable.

Once you have the numbers gathered and itemized then educated decisions can be made about earning needs and projections, as well as growth plan development.

Health and Finance are among the four quadrants of everyone’s life plan. Therefore make sure that you have short and long term financial goals visible to you during your budgeting exercise.

Okay, let’s get to it! Click here the simple budge form should be completed with all parties responsible for money management.

Whether you are blessed to be managing millions, thousands, or hundreds, budgeting is a strategic foundational principle that has to be mastered, in order to breakthrough scarcity mentality, travel through sufficiency, and into prosperity.

When polled one of the top reasons for failed marriages/relationships and businesses is money matters.

Take this 70-day Financial Money Matters journey with us to leverage and position your life and business for success in 2017!

In Love,