Money Basics

Your Budget is now developed and implemented.

The next step in the Money Basics formula is to develop a spending plan.

Now I have to warn you, it is spending that traditionally is the most challenging to manage.

Why you ask.

Simple because this is where your beliefs and emotions about money have the greatest impact. SO many people are accustomed to a scarcity mentality. That is why saving is not something even thought about.

However, depending upon your imprinted subconscious beliefs about money, your behavior will either repel or attract it.

For example I was raised to believe that money and those who aspire to accumulate it are evil. Because “money is the root of all evil” isn’t it?

Funny enough throughout my young adult life, I didn’t even realize that I thought of money in those terms, because I was manifesting it beyond what I had ever thought I could earn at the time.

I was working around the clock. Obsessed about building my businesses. I worked very hard. I was taught that hard work led to increased earnings.

Money was just a means to an end though. But once I succeeded money started manifesting itself without much personal effort (as it had taken in the beginning). It was at this point that I began to see all that I had created and what money was giving rise to in me and those around me.

I have to be honest, it was not very uplifting or promoting. Rather I saw negativity, jealousy and other unattractive and counterproductive behaviors evolve.

Years later, after transformative work, I learned that in those years money became exactly what I believed at that time that it was…the root of evil.

It is so important to do the work to uncover the self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your success. You have the power within to deconstruct the faulty thinking and to reprogram your neuropathways for success through intentionality and gratitude.

To start the process take a piece of paper. Write down the top three things that you believe are true about money. Now put this piece of paper away for the time being.

Click on the link and complete Dave Ramsey’s Cash Flow Spending form.

I was introduced to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peach University years ago at my church in Florida. I had never heard of the man, but I was in need of learning the basics about money management, because I was in an unfamiliar country with different tax laws etc. His simplistic, yet powerful teaching changed my beliefs about money.

My challenge to you for this upcoming week:

(1) Fill-in Dave’s cash flow form daily.

(2) Reflect on those numbers.

(3) Assess how you did in comparison to your budget line amounts.

(4) Revisit the 3 things that you wrote down about your beliefs about money.

(5) Reflect upon how your beliefs are influencing how you are spending resources.

This exercise will be eye opening and life changing.

To your continued abundance, In Love,