DAY – 3


Today we are going to learn to turn your Set-Backs into your greatest Set-Ups for success in all areas of your life.

Over the last two days we have learned about a few strategies and completed associated activities to shift from a mentality of victim to one of victor. We learned how to take full responsibility of our thoughts and behavior and how to transform them.

Today’s lesson is on the power of CHANGE through Emotional growth.

Over the last two days you started some of the most powerful work that you will ever do. It involved being extremely transparent and vulnerable with yourself in order to unveil some of the faulty thinking that is stifling you.

From the wisdom you have now gained and by reprogramming those neuro-pathways to promote reality-based thinking you’re getting equipped to manage experience in an entirely different way. No longer defaulting to subconscious involuntary triggers, but rather being intentional and present.

Today’s lesson has to two parts.

The first part is all about identifying your current lead character strength and how to utilize it to address new situations in the here and now.

Go ahead and complete the Character Strengths – Self Assessment© to help you to identify your lead character strength. Just because you had the courage to take this journey with me, I have simplified and automated the tool for you. Now you can access it online by clicking on this Warrior Assessment link and your result will be automatically sent to your email inbox.

So let’s get to it, complete the Warrior Assessment and find out what warrior character strength currently leads. The activity was designed to empower and inspire you to continue your process work to enhance your success mindset.

The second part of Reconcile focuses on utilizing positive emotions such as FAITH, LOVE, and GRATITUDE, which are known to be high vibrating energy, to imprint positive thought in our Conscious Mind. What we practice gets stronger!

Remember the equation = equation-image

I want you to repeat to yourself, “I’m in control of my emotional responses.” Now remain in awareness and present as you repeat this mantra over and over – imprinting it in your conscious mind. Purpose to practice Faith, Love and Gratitude and watch as your belief changes. Finally adopt the 7 Success Habits (download) that propel you to your next level of success.

When we reconcile our core to the universe with intentional positive emotion the associated thought is highly charged, leads to purposeful behavior that manifests the outcome we most desire.

Okay, I want you to put all that I have shared with you over the last three-days into regular practice, as often as you feel is necessary to make CHANGE habitual.

But most importantly be patient with yourself.

Do not give up!

Break through will happen, if you continue to do the work to better understand your faulty beliefs and their origin, then you will be able to reprogram your neuro-pathways to support behavior that will promote the life you desire.

A success mindset has led thousands of people that I have worked with to enjoy enhanced finances, improved quality of their relationships, it has provided clarity of their passion purpose and so much more.

The only thing you have to do is get out of your own way and DO THE WORK!


By her mid-twenties, Dr. Jessica Vera had founded three multi-million dollar corporations, was named Latin Female Entrepreneur of the Year, had spoken on international platforms, and served on numerous prestigious boards.

But underlying that massive success was an equally massive battle from within, one deeply rooted in childhood trauma.

Her journey from trauma to outward success to inner healing to real, sustainable success serves as a real-life platform for the work she does today. A renowned forensic expert in human sciences “Dr. J” has invested the last three decades to positively influencing the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, families, prominent organizations, and communities.

From trauma to triumph, in Rise Up she not only tells her story of finding freedom from trauma, it outlines her “3R Freedom Process” to help others find freedom as well. It will guide the reader through their “inner mind field” to renewal and transformation.

In her most recent literary work, co-authored with Best Selling Author and Success Coach Jack Canfield, Dr. J. outlines how all the essential elements to success are found within oneself, when one learns to harness the internal core power house.

A Latin American-raised mother of two beautiful daughters, happily married for over 20 years, Jessica is a recognized international business entrepreneur. She earned her Doctoral Degree of Philosophy with a specialization in Psychology, Trauma Rehabilitation, Clinical Counseling, and Leadership in South Florida. She holds certifications and licensures in various areas of professional interest, and is the recipient of numerous awards of distinction. Dr. J has been a mentor, as an adjunct professor at her alma mater for over 20 years, is actively involved in her community, and serves on various advisory boards.