The Warrior Character Strength – Self Assessment

Hi Warrior,

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this assessment. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the result. I developed this self-assessment because over the last three decades of informed work with others, I have found an alarming trend. As humans there is a tendency to focus on our weaknesses, what’s missing or wrong with us; rather than on what is unique and strong within us. I have always worked with individuals from a positive strength perspective, building upon what is gloriously already within and in so doing have had optimal impact and success. Whether it is that the individual is not aware or they negate their attributes; typically due to mindset blocks; the result is the same, stifled potential.

We were each uniquely created with innate purpose and therefore by design with strengths. My desire is to promote, inspire, and equip you with what I already know is within you to empower your success.

The Warrior Character Strength is a self-guided assessment instrument that consists of 15 items and requires a selection of one option that delineates whether or not you “agree” or “disagree” with the item being representative of your character. It will not take more than 2-3 minutes to complete. However I do ask that you read each item carefully and truthfully. The results are blinded (meaning that personal identifying information is not gathered). What is being gathered is gender specific results. Once you complete the instrument you will receive your results
immediately and by personal email sent to your inbox.

There are three typologies that are representative of a cluster of similar and related character strengths. At this time, you are led by one. I commissioned and developed unique emoji representations of these typologies for your use and empowerment. I believe that if we all work to our strengths, then humanity benefited as a whole.

Lock shields with me Warrior,

To your continued abundance!

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