The Art of Transformation

Through an innovative and multifaceted approach designed specifically for you; I counsel you on how to go from where you are to where you want to be. Facilitating transformation through change is my area of mastery.

As your catalyst, you will learn to release yourself from debilitating pain of the past by shifting and releasing old patterns, embracing new possibilities, and working to reprogram your unconscious mind.

The result, an expansion of your conscious awareness through enhanced emotional & perceptional intelligence, to awaken your success potential.

The Transformation Principle


Through trauma-informed strategies we will identify your subconscious triggers and linked emotions to reframe your reality-based work.


Learn how to tap into your full potential, by reprogramming neuro-cognitive pathways to enhance perceptual and emotional intelligence.


Learn to create your path, by leveraging your strengths and experience, to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

How to Create What You Want

Access this free master training class and gain the clarity to build your dreams, on your terms.

Reclaim Your Power Position

Learning the Transformation Principle really came to me at the right time. It first made me realize that I needed to change what I was feeling, because what I was feeling was not helping me. I began Visualizing, Feeling Stronger and more Secure about myself, more loving towards people and caring for myself, more Optimistic and I got everything on the TO DO list, DONE!

Since day 1 , it was working for me. It was changing the way I was feeling and thinking and therefore my action started to take different direction. I felt a lift inside of me, as my feelings and thoughts geared towards becoming more positive and understanding that I can DO THIS! It became a reminder of who I am, what I have done, and what I am capable of.

It helped me to stay FOCUSED on what I wanted to achieve for a long time. It brought me back to my PATH and I am finally regaining POWER to SHINE!

Viviana Malamud, CEO/Owner – Daniel’s Apart Hotel

I made an incredible personal breakthrough using Dr. J’s Transformation Principle to Make Peace With My Past program. I had been through therapy due to past personal trauma before; and I always wondered how I would function after finishing treatment.

In using Dr. J’s breakthrough protocol system, I learned skills that have made it possible for me to be able to work through life at my own pace. Now equipped with the knowledge, to take steps to live life how I want and how it best fits with my family and their needs.

A true blessing to have been able to work with Dr J.

Charlette D. Romero, Healthcare Professional

I was Stuck but didn’t know any other way besides going through the motions and that just wasn’t enough anymore nor could it help others to overcome some of the darker things in life.

Almost immediately upon starting The Transformation Principle, I was able to separate myself from the traumatic events that I lived through. That was new for me and allowed me to be ready for the next steps.

Then I was able to make a very important connection from my childhood that helped me tremendously toward achieving my goal. I always had hope through my faith but didn’t know the steps.

I highly recommend this program for anyone that experienced trauma (pain) and is ready to make changes so they can move forward living victoriously. You learn and heal, while also supporting a great cause. God bless you Dr. J. & Elite Foundation.

Nancy Beer, Home Health Provider, Helo & Lifevantage

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