Hi, I’m Jessica (Dr. J. to my friends), a thriving-survivor, mother, and a wife with a PhD, who struggled with that nagging negative inner voice that constantly said, “You’re not good enough!”

Can you relate?

Well, after decades of learning, practice and helping others, I silenced that inner negative voice for good. Now it’s transformed into my biggest cheerleader!

How… by getting to the root of what fueled its negativity.

Most of us (including me for many years) walk around with a mask, showing the world that we are invincible, doing great, winning at everything we try.
This is part of the problem.

To reclaim your power-position and develop authentic confidence, to fully be present in relationships and truly enjoy life, you have to start by learning to love yourself.  You are imperfectly perfect.  Uniquely divine in your creation.  One of kind!

Take a few minutes answer 10 items to find out how full is your self-love tank.  When your Self-Love tank is optimal, you are in a power position to allow intuitive insight to flow and you can equip yourself to take meaningful action in your life.

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