By her mid-twenties, Dr. Jessica Vera had founded three multi-million dollar corporations, was named Latin Female Entrepreneur of the Year, had spoken on international platforms, and served on numerous prestigious boards.

But underlying that massive success was an equally massive battle from within, one deeply rooted in childhood trauma. Despite the success and the accolades, there was only one voice she heard, and it was the whisper from deep within saying, “You’re not good enough.”

Her journey from trauma to outward success to inner healing to real, sustainable success serves as a real-life platform for the work she does today. A renowned forensic expert in human sciences “Dr. J”, as she is known to friends, has invested the last three decades to positively influencing the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, families, prominent organizations, and communities.

Whereas Dr. J. of NBA fame was dubbed “The King of the Dunk”, Dr. J. Vera is known as “The Queen of Rebound.” She learned firsthand how to rise,rebound, and reclaim a power position in her own life, and now she teaches others how to bring about that same kind of change in their lives as well.

From trauma to triumph, her new book Rise Up not only tells her story of finding freedom from trauma, it outlines her “3R Freedom Process” to help others find freedom as well. It will guide the reader through their “inner mind field” to renewal and transformation.

Today, Dr. J. is a highly respected professional in her field. But unlike the success of her twenties, it is not tempered by the trauma of the past. It is only strengthened by it.

A Latin American-raised mother of two beautiful daughters, happily married for over 20 years, Jessica is a recognized international business entrepreneur. She earned her Doctoral Degree of Philosophy with a specialization in Trauma Rehabilitation, Clinical Counseling, and Leadership in South Florida. She holds certifications and licensures in various areas of professional interest, and is the recipient of numerous awards of distinction. Dr. Vera has served as an adjunct professor at her alma mater for many years. She is actively involved in her community and serves on various advisory boards.

Dr. J. is a passionate advocate, and takes very seriously her social responsibility to be a voice for the victims of social injustice in the world. Overcoming the voice from within gave her the ability to be that voice for others.

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