Dr. Jessica Vera, Author and Speaker


A Three-Step Freedom Guide

In her new book, Rise Up, Dr. Jessica Vera provides a three-step freedom guide for those who have suffered trauma.
In this book, logo guides the reader along a path that she once took herself, the path from trauma to healing.

By her mid-twenties, Dr. Jessica Vera had founded three multi-million dollar corporations, was named Latin Female Entrepreneur of the Year, had spoken on international platforms, and served on numerous prestigious boards. But underlying that massive success was an equally massive battle from within, one deeply rooted in childhood trauma.

Her journey from trauma to outward success to inner healing to real, sustainable success serves as a real-life platform for the work she does today. A renowned forensic expert in human sciences logo has invested the last three decades to positively influencing the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, families, prominent organizations, and communities.

Net proceeds for each book sold will be donated to the programs of Operation Mobilization (thefreedomchallenge.com) to help eradicate and assist victims of human trafficking.

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Igniting Souls Conference

2016 Igniting Souls Conference

October 22-23, 2016

Hosted by Best Selling Author and Speaker, Kary Oberbrunner
Guest Speaker: Jessica Vera, Ph.D.

From the beginning of time, a formula existed—beneath the surface and under the radar. It knows no gap between ideation and implementation. Translation? Your thoughts became your experience. Your beliefs became your perception. But then suddenly and without warning, something hacked the system. Simply put, something hacked you. Throughout history we cursed this widening gap, redefining it Resistance, self-sabotage, and other less noble terms. But today a tribe emerges, diving into massive action and unfiltered truth. Together we close the gap, reclaim our divine mandate, and discover how to become unhackable.

Igniting Souls Conference
JuST Conference

2016 JUST Conference Agenda

November 9-11, 2016


What is Post-Traumatic Growth? A Story of Hope.

Jessica Vera, Ph.D., and Samantha Parma-Vera, Jessica L Vera Ph.D. LLC

The presentation will provide a case study of transgenerational trauma from the perspective of a mother-daughter survivor story. Empirical knowledge will be shared on the phenomenon of transgenerational trauma, as well as the development of resilience and its impact on human potential. This mother-daughter duo is a pair of survivor leaders who have a passion to reach today’s parents and the millennium generation. Together, they will share their personal journey from grooming and victimization to healing.

Shared Stages

Recently, Dr. J had the privilege and honor of sharing a stage with Darryl Strawberry, Former Major League Baseball All Star and World Series Champion. Mr. Strawberry is described as a legend by many who have been dazzled by the dynamics of his game, the power he possessed at the plate, and the story of redemption that continues to bring hope to so many lives. Mr. Strawberry has earned legendary nicknames and phrases of one of the most feared homerun hitters in the game of baseball, Straw’s Sweet Swing, Strawberry’s Field Forever, and the Legendary Straw Man! Today, Mr. Strawberry’s purpose and passion is using his story to change the lives of others, whether he is speaking about cancer survival, those afflicted and affected by autism, overcoming addiction, or his faith in God. He is a physical giant and a champion for others! Blessed.