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If you’d like to…

  • BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR with ease as you write your heart-felt unique story, while we take care of the rest. All of the logistics (editing, layout, design, & publishing) are done for you! Then, on delivery date, we put your book in your hands.

  • BECOME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR with our proven track-record. We have never had a book not hit #1 across multiple categories on launch day!

  • CONNECT in our community of like-minded and like-hearted professionals who will become invested in you, as you co-create a literary masterpiece. Through collaboration, your co-authors will become partners, affiliates, and much more.

  • POSITION yourself as an expert in your niche, as there, your story is unique to your experience and no two experiences are the same.

  • EXPAND YOUR AUDIENCE as you are introduced to Elite’s “built in audience” of this established best-selling book series and to connected to Elite’s socially-conscious business partners who will support and elevate you in your life and business endeavors.

  • CREATE your legacy for generations to come.

  • INCREASE INFLUENCE & IMPACT through your unique story. You will synergistically super-charge and create the quantum leap you’ve been dreaming about in life and business, creating credibility second-to-none.

Elite’s book program is your solution.

Elite a nonprofit 501(c)(3) has a unique publishing program that promotes aspiring authors to Publish with Purpose to Profit ® , and we teach this style of writing, because it has led authors to not only find their voice and their message, but their platform.

You have an inspired story. We believe in You. Now it is your turn to believe in Yourself. Are you ready?

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