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What would you do if you were not fearful?

This book was written for women of today and tomorrow, as well as for exceptionally evolved men, who identify with their fear, but despite them have an adventurous and inquisitive mind. It is for all who are seeking to learn from their experience to release abundant potential inherently and uniquely theirs to heal and experience freedom to flourish.

The authors are members of a socially-responsible community that is made up of individuals, who are enmeshed by shared life experiences, commitment to life learning and to the reengineering of the socially constructed meaning of success, to change the world, one soul at a time, for the good of all humanity.

Each member comes from a different walk through life, but intentional meaningfulness is immeasurably valued and respected. An upheld belief that is supported by the law of economics and many studies of diversity is that if we tap into the entire pool of human resources and talents, our collective performance will improve.

Therefore, if you are reading this book, then know that if you will take a risk on yourself then you will experience life as you have always desired. And the achievements will extend beyond mere individual to collective benefit for us all.

However, this book is not for you, if you view this four-letter word as vulgar–WORK. Because there is work in refinement and in the development of something wonderfully unique and valuable for you and others.

Read on, if you desire to tap into your essence as a woman, fuel your passions, and want to learn to leverage your unique assets to go from a day job to your dream life. In the following pages, we will deconstruct and reengineer many of socialized beliefs that we in the Western world (particularly) have cultivated about gender roles and that perpetuate stagnation and precipitate many of our shared fears. The fear of not being enough, valued, loved, of being a failure and so on…

To clarify our intent in writing FEARLESS, is not to dispel that fear is real, but rather to empower and to equip you, the reader, to recognize that fear is an emotion embedded in beliefs that can be overridden, to take meaningful action, despite them.

From Fear to Victory

April 9, 2017

From neuroscience to an historical perspective of women in the workforce, Jessica and Wendy have clearly walked their talk. Their transparency about the ups and downs of their individual life journeys gives them the authority to speak about being “Fearless” and living life with purpose with passion. We all have fears. The authors show us how to develop the courage to walk through it to victory. Thank you, Wendy and Jessica!

The advice you need to excel.

April 9, 2017

What a fitting book for this time in our life. This ia an excellent revelation on how to function for excellence. Self-Sabotage is so prevalent today and this writing will reveal it and help you explode it. A must read and apply to your life.

Very useful information for anyone struggling with self-doubt

April 8, 2017

Very useful information for anyone struggling with self-doubt, self-esteem, or life issues in general. Or for those who just want to learn the essence of being an entrepreneur.

I love that the proceeds are going to a very very…..

April 8, 2017

Expect to be encouraged and tooled up to be a real deal woman. Wendy and Jessica are a living testament to what they write. They encourage people every week of their lives. I love that the proceeds are going to a very very worthy cause. We all need help in how to kill those giants in our lives. This book does that and more.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and successful business owner, it’s easy to think you have learned the lessons and walked the walk.  But like locksmiths, Jessica and Wendy opened doors in my mind to reveal fresh, new ideas and perspectives, reminding me that there is always so much more to know!  More importantly, they helped me remember what it was like to find a passion and start a new venture so that I am better prepared to mentor others who are ready to launch.  FEARLESS takes you through an encouraging journey.  Interweaving their deeply personal stories with the lives of movie characters is their effective way to provoke the reader’s self-thought, as opposed to publishing a “how to” book.  Bravo ladies….job well done!

Number #1 Amazon Bestseller


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Freedom To Flourish

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Has your mind’s inner voice told you – You can’t do it?

Is it difficult for you to see beyond your’s mind’s eye because all the images are bleak?

Then this course is for you!

The authors of Fearless, are no different than you are, yet they collaboratively wrote their Amazon #1 bestseller Fearless in 14-days from start to finish and have successfully launched multiple small businesses online with other fearless entrepreneurs. How did they do it? By exercising relentless perseverance, walking through all sorts of challenges, and by not allowing their dream to publish their collaborative bestseller work be impeded by negativity and self-doubt.

Did you know that 98% of people will die without ever telling their story. That means that 100% of us will never gain from their wisdom and knowledge. That is not acceptable. In Fearless we offer laser focused mentoring, step-by-step instruction, and strategies for self-and-small business start-up entrepreneurial development. If you have a dream, but  do not know how to actualize it in a high-tech environment. We believe that the true and tried book to university business model is the best success framework for high-achievers.

But first, before you can even embark on the journey of outward success, you have to dominate your inner naysayer – that’s where Freedom to Flourish comes it.

This program will:

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