Your Fit-Life Score™ Assessment Results

Your Composite Score


Stress Zone

You are tenacious and have a desire to achieve success, but struggles in life create imbalance and trigger mind blocks. You conceptualize the importance and benefit of clearly identifying your wants, but putting yourself first is difficult. You want to be able to optimize your personal potential, but first you must learn to reset, realign and reconcile your inner assets to the Universe to attract all that you desire in life. Gaining a success mindset will be crucial.

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To your continued blessed success in life,

Your Individual Domain Scores

Attribute Score
Spiritual Life 9999
Money Matters 9999
Relationships 9999
Mind-Fit 9999
Physical Wellbeing 9999
Vocational 9999
Leisure 9999

They are rated on a scale of 1-40. Scores between 7 and 140 are in the Stress Zone. Scores between 141 and 196 are in the Achieving Zone. Scores between 197 and 280 are in the Transforming Zone.

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