I Am a Neuro-Behavioral Mentor

I specialize in helping you develop a life plan that gives you clarity about mindset blocks – strategies to clear them – and solution-focused guidance – to achieve your full potential in your life and vocational goals.

  A Path to Freedom

Learn my informed neuro-behavioral-pathway to achieve the success you want in life and work. This revolutionary, proprietary process, is a culmination of three decades of formal training, bestselling publications and field practice. Yet, its simplicity allows you to achieve profound results.


Identify your subconscious triggers and linked emotions to reframe your reality-based work.


Reprogram neuropathways for success by doing strategic cognitive-behavioral work.


Develop your life plan predicated upon strategies that optimally utilize your unique strengths and calling.

Freedom to Flourish

As a Millionaire-Made Entrepreneur, who transitioned from strictly Brick-and-Mortar business to online-entrepreneur, I found that the internet opens a plethora of opportunities to develop a small business. However, 97% of start-ups fail. That is not okay. So, I invested substantial time and resources to reverse engineer what is working in the space and have found that one of the best biz-models for high-achieving professionals like you and me, is Book-to-University. I teach high-achievers strategies to crack the code and to optimize their return on investment to:


Author Your Bestseller.
Establish Your Authority.
Leave Your Legacy.

eLearning Course Creation

Leverage Your Knowledge.
Create an evergreen profitable business.
Fund freedom, by empowering yourself.


No logistics.

“Jessica has a passion to be an agent of change in the lives of others. This is a powerful inspirational book that is a call to action to propel you forward to the summit-to triumph.”

Tanisha Williams

“If you’re serious about moving forward from where you are, to becoming a successful startup entrepreneur, then this is a must.”

Jackie Morey

“You will be encouraged, motivated and ready to keep pressing in and moving through to whatever fears and difficulties that have kept you back in your career and life choices to become FEARLESS!”

Dr. Becky Slabaugh

“Jessica also provides real answers. She shows us how we don’t need a Ph.D. or years of psychotherapy to experience a breakthrough. Rather, we just need courage to regain the right focus and resolve to take effective action.”

Kary Oberbrunner

“Jessica will give you hope, instill you with the courage to act and lead you to secure a new foundation for victorious living”

Jim Akers

“Dr. Vera provides you with the solution to confront whatever it is that’s holding you down!”

S. G. Savage

“Dr. Vera offers a way out of the darkness and into the light of wholeness. If you are struggling to RISE above the circumstances of your life…let Dr. Vera lead the way.”

Joan L. Turley



Hi, I’m Jessica Vera and I want to thank you for taking of your time to get to know me. I hope that you engage with me at some level, as I know that I can help you in living to your full potential and to have the life that you want and deserve. As a socially conscious entrepreneur my passions are fueled by a vision to uplift humanity’s awareness and enlightenment by inspiring and empowering others to take socially-responsive action, in a context of compassion, gratitude and love.

You see it is my belief that if a person’s potential is stifled or blocked, then we all miss out on what that person could have contributed to our world. Each human being on this planet has a divine unique purpose and value to our collective humanity. That is why I have devoted my life to learning, teaching and in service to others.

Today a trauma-graduate and victor, I am a passionate activist in the fight to eradicate exploitation. I actively support and participate with nonprofit organizations that share my values and beliefs. Join me!