Inner Child Chatter

Between the ages of 0-5, we create internalized pictures or representations from the language that we were exposed to during our formative years. For this reason, Your Inner Child is sharing with you now that your internal representations of past experience is the main source for blocked success. What is influencing you manifests almost like a sound track replay.
The language in particular that Your Inner Child heard resonates when it is triggered by current experiences that are associated with familiar feelings. Typically, negative feelings like fear, guilt and shame. These emotions have no benefit, except in that by recognizing their presence, its a clear indicator of what is actually your success factor.
Your Inner Child wants you to change the negative energy!
1. Simply, recognize it’s origin in your Unconscious Mind.
2. Acknowledge how it suggestively influences your behavior.
3. Create conscious choices for yourself and internalize them in positive language.
Your Inner Child wants you to delete these internal representation from your conscious mind chatter; and replace them with new positive emotions to filter outside stimuli that lead to behavior that serve you and your conscious desires for success.