The desire to keep knowledge from circulating is the essence of any secret. In the case of the secret of success, entrepreneurs and forward thinkers have come around to recognizing that success is NOT to be kept a secret, but rather, shared for the good of the community, the world, and themselves. We recall the famous words of Napoleon Hill:

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Therefore, among the secrets to success, mentoring those who wish to learn more about the process is paramount. Other vital factors in success include the need for specific knowledge, saving time by avoiding mistakes, having the passion needed, as well as the will to pursue your dreams and to take action to achieve this success. Dreams without action were once called “pipe dreams” – just smoke screens where nothing tangible was ever accomplished.

While we need to beware of charlatans and cheats, more and more of us wish to succeed personally and help others along the way do the same. In this view of thinking, Dr. J. shares the few questions of significance she is often asked by others and that require individualized answers, if life is to be lived in authenticity and fulfillment for self and others.

Did you know that you are uniquely made. There is no other on this earth the same as you are. Not even identical twins are genetically identical. Each of us has a divine unique calling. Do you know what your’s is?

The answers are in the your uniqueness. But, first it is imperative that you know Who You Are – or in other words what do you believe is your greatest asset?

Why Are You Here – What sets you apart from the other billion souls on this planet?

In The Big Secret – That Within Dr. J. offers solutions to these quintessential questions through simplistic, but profound delineation of the seven (7) ESSENCE principles of success in life, love and finances.

I have long been a fan of Jack Canfield and now with this book of success secrets, I am even more inspired by his work. The other authors he collaborates with have great life experiences and stories to share. It is interesting to learn from people from so many different walks of life so whether you are a doctor, musician, business person, or whatever your field, the same success principles can be applied. This is a very useful book for anyone wanting to achieve greater success in life. Highly recommended.

This insightful book is a a gold mine for entrepreneurs. It inspires one to stay the course no matter what challenges you face, and how to takes life’s lessons in stride and leverage its teachings to your own advantage. The 23 featured authors offer sincere advice stemming from their unique backgrounds which keeps you immersed chapter to chapter. Highly recommend.

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Harness Your Power Within


Program description for Harness Your Power Within: Did you know that you are uniquely made. There is no one like you on this planet. Not even identical twins are genetically identical. Why is this important for me to emphasize. Simple, it speaks volumes to the truth that we each have a divine purpose in life. Do you know yours?

This course was especially designed for you, if you are seeking to define your unique passion-purpose. And, if you know with certainty that there is more in life, love and finance awaiting your discovery to achieve it.

But, it all begins with YOU!

In Harness Your Power Within you will learn the seven (7) core ESSENCE principles that you have to master, if you want to experience success in your life, love and finances.

Everything that you will learn may seem simplistic and common sense, but it is not common practice. Therefore if you commit, do the work, then I guarantee that you will emerge with a clarity of purpose, renewed passion-focus, and a road map to take the next steps needed to develop your life plan for success.

A life without a map, is the same as a wandering soul without a purpose. Every successful business, organization, country, invention etc. had strategic plans. Through your journey in Harness Your Power Within;

Each of the seven (7) modules lead to discovery of the uniqueness of your individual ESSENCE so that you can unleash the warrior within, by tapping into your Core Power House.