Module Progress:

Module 3 – Reset

To Change Your Mind to Change Your Life a simple 3-R process, The Transformation Principle will guide you to effectively transfer the learnings from past events, to release unnecessary and unwarranted negative emotions; and then to realign and integrate all the parts to wholeness.  The framework is developed on what we know about human neurology, patterns of behavior and perceptions, as well as three decades of experience working with individual, families, and organizations to enhance emotional intelligence through unblocking full potential.

Module Overview

The Transformation Principle provides guidance to help you reclaim your soul-power and to program your mind for whatever it is that you truly want; by giving specific instruction to your subconscious to go get it.

It is my wholehearted belief that if you can change your mind you can change your life and science proves it. Surmounting research has been completed that demonstrates that through different strategies and task completion designed to change our neurology we are able to program neuro-pathways that support what we want.

There are three (3) truths about what we know about how the mind works;

  • The mind will do what you tell it to do;
  • The mind responds to the picture (internal representations) you make in your mind. Everything is perception. Everything in the mind is about language and pictures; And
  • Your mind loves what is familiar rather than what is unfamiliar.

Today you are going to learn the first step to do just that –Begin the process of


I want you to think about the brain as a central and core circuitry board where all energy transitions and transverses between the conscious and unconscious mind. When we learn information through experience it imprints through electrical waves of energy in our mind.

Depending upon the intensity of energy of the associated emotion linked to the thought; highly charged sensory input creates vivid internal representations in the subconscious mind. It is here that we store all learning that influence behavior (output).

Now in working through this process step you can complete the proceeding activity that will help you identify Triggers – knowing these triggers will provide learnings that you can use to realign your inappropriate and unwarranted negative emotions.

What’s a trigger?

Simply, it is an experience that is connected to an internal representation (memory). A Trigger is a cue of what is blocking your potential.

To identify triggers, you can think back (reflect) and identify the time when your experience led to the decision to feel the way you feel. When you find that event on your time-line of life write it down in as much details as you need to identify it on your life time-line.

Today’s activity provides you a framework to assist you in doing it. Download the form “Trigger Mapping Worksheet” and do mild recall work to complete the form.

There is also an audio instruction that walks you through the ‘Trigger Mapping Worksheet” and provides guidance on how to complete the activity. This activity is part of a building block structure the information of which will be needed when working in Step 2 – Realign of The Transformation Principle.