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Emerging chatter on the web of late is honing in on the uniqueness of women (or female, lady, mom, feminine) entrepreneurs.

What does it mean to be a feminine entrepreneur (my preferred descriptor) in the 21st century?

I have surrounded myself with strong professional women all my life. But when this question was asked of me, I have to admit, it initially stumped me because I had not really stopped to think about it in specific detail. I just knew my own experiences.

But the question made me think. More and more women are evolving in today’s workforce, in a marketplace that has dramatically changed.

For example, right now, there are countless and growing virtual marketing opportunities. All types of goods and services can be accessed worldwide with just a few clicks. Businesses can be automated. Boardrooms have been replaced by home-based work spaces or natural outdoor settings; and, in essence, the playing field has become more leveled, if one chooses to learn and engage.

At the same time, divorce rates are climbing, parenting seems all the more challenging, and we are wearing more hats today than in the past.

So, of course, my mind was intrigued, and I decided to complete some anecdotal research of a sample of feminine entrepreneurs to identify their personality preferences and to see if any emerging similarities could be drawn. There is one caveat to consider when reviewing what I found. All the participants were older than 30. Therefore, their learning will have had an influence on their responses.

Here is what I found to be the top four preferences shared by the majority of feminine entrepreneurs surveyed:

  1. Extroversion – They are drawn to the outside world, people, places etc. and rarely drained by interacting in it.
  2. Altruistic – Decisions are somewhat global, visceral, harmonious, and value-oriented, with particular attention on the impact of the decision on others.
  3. Intuitive – Information is drawn from more abstract, conceptual, big-picture, and imaginative possibilities for the future.
  4. Perceptive – They possess sensitive insight and keen discernment.

The results are by no means scientific or all-inclusive; but they served to confirm my experience and the reality that women today can vitally contribute to the marketplace and influence others in unique ways.

We are innate multi-taskers, nurturers, relational (not transactional), others-centered, and are more concerned with the journey rather than the destination. These are a few of the lead characteristics that have been ingrained in us since the beginning of existence. Adam, although superior to all other species created on the earth, was unhappy being alone. Eve was created from a part of Adam, but differently, in order to complement him, and to collaboratively live in the world.

So now it is your turn to participate. Be uniquely you!

“Work is something we do. It is not who we are.”