Heart-led Human in the Mirror

Outside of your relationship with your Creator, your relationship with you is the most important relationship you have. In fact, sometimes, your relationships with others will be messed up because of the relationship you have with yourself. You are influenced more by what you think about yourself than by what anyone else thinks about you.

Before you can start working on relationships with others, you need to start with the person you see in the mirror. If you would like to start this work use this meditation that I have found helpful in quieting my mind, and focusing my soul-power within.

We are called to Love others as we love ourselves. Often it’s easier to focus on loving everyone else, so that we can avoid putting emphasis on loving our self. It’s important to understand the essential value of embracing and loving yourself first. It is the number one success principal that has to be embodied before any outward success can be realized.

If you don’t love yourself, you are actually negating the fact that you were created from, in and through Love. If you don’t love yourself, it means you don’t really understand your Devine value—that you are an awesome, precious, one-of-a-kind treasure, valuable enough to warrant the pain and sacrifices made for you. Yes, you are held to a high standard, but you are extended mercy and grace in appropriate ways so you can fulfill the special purpose designed specifically for you.

When the truth of how divinely you are loved sinks into your heart, you can look in the mirror and say, “I am uniquely made and preordained for a Devine calling and purpose in my life. Nothing, other than I can derail my destiny.” When you do, you are acknowledging what has already been spoken from heaven about you. What is being reflected in the mirror is your Divine worth and purpose, and you are then receiving and reflecting that back to yourself. It doesn’t originate with what you think about yourself.

At some point, you have to say, “I love me. I don’t have it all together, I know, but I love me just as I am not perfect. I am loved when I had issues, so I can love me with my issues.” You need to be able to be thankful for yourself. You need to tell yourself you are a rare and beautiful treasure, because that’s what you are. You need to extend to yourself the same forgiveness and grace that is extended to you. It does not honor your Creator to be hard on yourself and beat yourself up, because that serves no good purpose!

As you begin to love yourself, you can begin to love the world. Loving the world happens when you internalize the power of love within first, and then share it through heart-centered service to others.  However, loving yourself is critical, because it is reflected in everything that you do. Use this meditation to help you, each morning, before you start your work in the world.

Heart-led entrepreneurs are consciously aware of their Self-Love and exercise daily affirmations, meditations and realignment to impact the world in socially responsible ways.

You can also try this affirmation exercise daily to increase your energy and to reclaim your power-position:

Utilizing a mirror look at your reflection and repeat this affirmation every morning and night:

“I am the child of the most high, divinely and perfectly created, preordained for greatness and success. Nothing raised against me will prosper, for all battles seen and unseen have been won before me. I believe that the unique purpose I was created for will come to fruition and will positively impact me, those I love, and the world.”

In Love.