Mastery of Your Money Story

When we talk about money, it stirs up all kinds of emotions in people. But the one commonality everyone can agree upon is that they want more.

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that when it comes to money, most people are completely unconscious about it.

What does this mean?

Well like I said, everyone wants more of it, but really unless you are intentional and conscious about money, it is very difficult to manifest your desires.

And in order to consciously attract wealth, you first have to know your current financial profile and take responsibility for it?

You should be asking yourself questions such as;

  • What liabilities and assets do you have?
  • What kind of debt is it?
  • Do you have variable debt that can be easily eliminated or have you tied yourself into a revolving door of paying exponentially more for the things you purchase with credit.
  • Do you have a budget (personal & business)?

These are just a few of the financial pieces of information that you need to review periodically to make adjustments to balance and to position yourself for mastery of your money story.

In essence, how can you grow wealth, if you are unclear of your current financial health?

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “If you can’t manage a dollar, you won’t manage a million.”

The reality is if you want to gain financial control and build wealth, you have to become money conscious.

And, if your goal is to gain true wealth and abundance then you have to get clear about your money beliefs first.

One of my mentors has done considerable work in this area of money, wealth, and abundance. According to her philosophy, the key is to first identify your beliefs about money, which are typically rooted in your childhood experiences and the messages that have been imprinted.

For example for many years, I lived with the belief that money was evil. That it only brought out the worst in people, because I had been taught that those with money typically were ruthless and greedy.

This belief lingered in me, even when I was making six-figures monthly in my first business. And unfortunately, that experience only served to attract exactly what my belief was at the time.

This in turn, led to reinforcement of my unconscious belief of scarcity and fear of poverty.

These are powerful emotions that are negatively charged and repel exactly what you desire most.

If you are not conscious of your money beliefs, this type of thinking will sabotage any dream of building wealth.

But FAITH, which even then I had in hoards of, served to fuel my momentum and imaginative soul-power that ensured my continued wealth growth.

The key takeaway is to evolve from a consciousness of scarcity, which even when you are making money, will lead you to spend it all – to one initially of sufficiency and then to abundance.

This transformation relies upon you becoming mindful about money.

Here are a few tips to get you thinking and doing the right things to support your desire for wealth and abundance:

  1. Take stock – complete a check and balance of your assets and liabilities and determine your current net worth. You have to begin with a baseline in order to visualize and plan where you want to be in the next 6-12 months or five years;
  2. Develop a Spending Plan – most of us dislike the idea of being limited, therefore reverse engineer your thinking about spending. Look at your net worth and determine how much greater equity you can retain, by being more conscious about where you are spending your liquid asset (money). Now make sure to give yourself a miscellaneous fund for fun spending, if it is prudent at this stage;
  3. Become Money Literate – learn about the four legs to every financial table of stability and success. The legs represent the areas of money management that must be mastered in order to truly enjoy financial freedom. Shhh insider secret…the first leg is achieved when you complete tips one & two. You see everyone should have six months to a year of liquid asset readily available to them in reserve, as well as a minimum three-month emergency fund.
  4. Retirement Bliss Plan – Like I’ve always said life is a journey, not a destination. But one season in life that most of us look forward to, is retirement. We may have different visions of what that will look like, but the money reality is that you want to have sufficient asset to support your pursuit of your passions and independent lifestyle.

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