Farewell 2016

It’s been a joy filled year of change, accomplishments and new beginnings.As this year is coming to a close I’ve been reflecting upon my many blessings.

My Savior’s birth was celebrated with both of my parents in toe this year.Customarily this does not happen.My parents have been divorced for 40+ years.

That is why Christmas 2016 memories will be very special for my family and especially for my girls.Grandma turns 80 in 2017.We treasure every moment spent together.

Not to minimize the importance of all our company Wendy, Ray, The Kaplan Clan and the Schwartz Clan, who in my book of life are family…We loved sharing the special moments around the kitchen cooking, laughing, telling stories and of course overeating.

Reconnected with colleagues from my youth.

It was a nostalgic, invigorating and affirming time talking and reminiscing…

Finding out that in my 20’s I was perceived as a Mentor with the spirit of a TIGER.

Established new beginnings that will add to legacy work.

Realizing that years may have passed, but true friends last a lifetime.

I read several influential books this year by Thought Leaders, who undoubtedly will influence the next generation and that imprinted wisdom that I will utilize in the years to come. Take a look, they are great reads!

Made new friends and was introduced to a few of the movers and shakers of the virtual marketplace, who inspired me to publish a book, RISE UP, thank you Kary; launch a Web Channel EPIC New Media, thank you Alex and Steve; and to continue to take quantum leaps of FAITH – to transition from a strictly Brick and Mortar business practice.

Had the privilege of meeting Jack Canfield in L.A. in the fall; and of collaborating with him and other likeminded and hearted professionals in a new book titled The Big Secret due for release in early 2017.Thank you to my agents at DNA™. If you’d like to join our conversation and access a FREE 5-day Success Transformation program, click the link https://www.drjvera.com/5-day-success-transformation-launchpad/to start 2017 on the right course.

Of all my blessings, the one most cherished is the launch of my legacy work through the Elite Foundation and the announcement of the appointment of Ms. Wendy Elliott to the prestigious position of President of the Board. Through her leadership millions will be served. Explore the vision and join us as we forge onward and upwards to ERADICATE Human EXPLOITATIONhttps://www.drjvera.com/drj-about-elite/

2017 is fast approaching and with it all the hopes, dreams and desires of a generation ready to make America great again!

From my family, to yours;

Happy New Year.

May God abundantly bless each and every one of your steps in the days to come!

In Love,