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Collaborative Leadership Today is Veteran’s Day and we honor those, who were brave beyond fear. The women and men, who fought and continue to fight for the principle rights of each citizen in this

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Dr. J. Millionaire-Made Entrepreneur™


The Big Secret Over the last several weeks, we have discussed sustained success fundamental principles. But this discussion cannot be continued until we explore the effect of Emotional Intelligence on Success. This is a

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Dr. J. Millionaire-Made Entrepreneur™


Ignite Your Success Potential The definition of success is personal and fluid. Some are gifted with the ingrained wisdom to discern and quantify successes from an early age. They seemingly have fulfilled lives. On-looks

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What We Practice Grows Stronger


What We Practice Grows Stronger In psychology today, we are seeing a shift from a solely aspiring medical model in research to one that integrates alternative arts of healing. It is indisputable that there

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