GCT COACHING PROCESS In this Class: GCT Coaching Process In this case..... Concepts: Respect and Honor of Uniqueness Reconciliation Emotional Zone Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity Exercises: GCT Coaching

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Pre-Requisite Operating Agreements


Operating Agreements Operating Agreements set the tone and encourage the parameters to enter into a state of learning.  Review each of the agreements prior to diving into the first

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Module 6 Conscious Unconscious Integration


Module 6 - Conscious Unconscious Integration In this Class: Conscious Unconscious Integration The integration of the unconscious conscious mind requires intentionality in awareness.  In these learnings we will

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Module 5 Personal Strategies of Operation


Module 5 - Personal Strategies of Operation In this Class: Personal Strategies of Operation Personality it is a fascinating area of human study. Every forward thinker in history

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Introduction Orientation Welcome, Today we start a journey that will set the stage for your best life yet. By engaging in this training process, to learn more


Module 4 – Emotions


Module 4 - Emotions In this Class: Emotions Emotions, also referred to as States in NLP and other frameworks are constructed through input from experience through our preferred sensory channels

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Module 3 – Mindful Rapport


Module 3 - Mindful Rapport In this Class: Mindful Rapport Rapport requires learning.  Learning about how you interact with others based upon your model of the world; and

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Module 2 – The Transformation Principle


Module 2 - The Transformation Principle The Transformation Principle Reset - Realign - Reconcile = Outcome Wholeness Personality is a construct that emcompasses many diverse internal processes that if

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Module 1 – Mind Body Connection


Module 1 - Mind Body Connection In the Class: Mind Body Connection Neurophysiological Fundaments - Neural transmission is the basis of what we call perception and it

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