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Module 4 – Emotions

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Emotions, also referred to as States in NLP and other frameworks are constructed through input from experience through our preferred sensory channels and filtered by our meta programs of the unconscious mind. All behavior is state-based.  In the Transformation Principle step 1 Reset we are building rapport through strategic use of tools (online & paper-pencil), as well as keen observational skills, to identify our client’s perception (model of the world) specific to their identified behavioral goal.  Memories as you know affect perception and personality and therefore behavior.

While in conscious awareness of your model of the world, through self-calibration and entering into your client’s mode of operating you can better meet the client where they are; and pace or lead them towards a positive state to create with them increased choices that lead to enhanced flexibility and breakthrough.

The principle blocks to be mindful [no judgement] of are limiting beliefs, attitudes that prevent flexibility, perserverance [a repetition of a particular response regardless of the absence or cessation of a stimulus] influenced by past memories and decisions that no longer serve that were made in the past.



  • SAD


  • HURT



  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Milton vs Satir
  • Elicit Positive State
  • Calibrate (Comparative Observation)
  • Reasons vs Results


  • Awareness and Feelings
  • General Reframes
  • Reasons vs Results